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ActiveBelly Burn Belly Fat

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ActiveBelly is a specially designed compression belt system that stimulates blood circulation around your entire waistline and eliminates stubborn belly fat.

When combined with cardio exercise you burn more depot fat where it matters: in your stomach, obliques, back, and abs. Increased blood flow and oxygen supply to your fat cells allow them to be burned as fuel for maximum results.

Wear your ActiveBelly belt while walking, hiking, running, cycling, rowing, use it on the treadmill, elliptical, or other similar exercise equipment. It is recommended that you exercise at moderate intensity three times per week for 30 to 40 minutes while wearing the belt.

Experience The Benefits

8x More Fat Burned

Pairing ActiveBelly with your cardio workouts has been shown to burn 8x more fat at the iliac crest (as compared to those who did the same workout without using ActiveBelly).

Targeted Areas

ActiveBelly allows you to target hard-to-lose areas by combining it's patented dual-channel belt and compression unit.

Increased perspiration

You can see and feel your body working harder since ActiveBelly increases circulation to your cold zones (fat layers) which allows your body to burn fat more effectively.

Improved Skin Tone

Much like many commercial skin smoothing procedures, ActiveBelly gently massages your midsection during your workout and often results in improved skin tone and firmer skin.

Visible Reduction

Most users can see a difference after the first two weeks. Their friends notice a difference after four weeks.

Instant Gratification

After your very first workout with ActiveBelly, you feel the difference. Most people say they never want to walk, bike or do cardio without it again.

Wearing the belt while exercising moderately increases blood circulation, helping with lymphatic drainage, which helps to destroy fat molecules and to flush them out of the body.

Heat Up Your Cold Zones

Alternating pressure and movement stimulate fat metabolism and lymphatic drainage. It improves the drainage of metabolic waste and strengthens blood circulation. It also supplies a better supply of oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Combined, these processes work well to reduce belly fat faster!

Cold Zones are areas of the body that are still cool to the touch after a cardio workout. For many people, this experience is most common in the stomach area, hips and thighs. These are the areas where most of us battle those final inches.

When you wear your ActiveBelly during cardio exercise, you will notice your “cold zones” become warm. ActiveBelly gently massages the subcutaneous fat during exercise, increasing circulation and making the fat available as a source of energy.

It is recommended that you exercise at moderate intensity while wearing your ActiveBelly system three times per week for 30 to 40 minutes. That’s only 12 exercise sessions a month. You’ll never want to do cardio without your ActiveBelly again!

eliminate belly fat

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eliminate belly fat

You Asked We Answered

How does ActiveBelly work? ActiveBelly massages belly fat with compression technology during cardiovascular exercise. This revolutionary technology increases blood flow to subcutaneous fat by applying alternating massaging pressure to fat layers while you exercise. This process increases circulation, which enables fat to become a source of energy.
How is ActiveBelly different than other belts? ActiveBelly is an exercise tool that is worn during moderate cardiovascular exercise like walking or cycling. ActiveBelly can improve the texture and tightness of your skin and can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

What Our Clients Say

“I did the active belly and I have to say it was a one-of-a-kind experience. I really doubted this “blood pressure-esk” increase and decrease of air pressure corset type contraption was of any use, but by the end of workout I had not sweat a drop on my forehead and was soaked around the waist. It felt amazing to sweat so much, and particularly at such a targeted body point. Would definitely go back & likely will!”


“I tried both Vacushape and Active Belly here at DreamShape Studio and I am so impressed!! They are easily understandable workouts that really targeted that stubborn weight that I wasn’t losing in my stomach and lower body. I’m obsessed!”


“I was looking for a new workout which would improve my problematic areas such as belly and thighs. I tried both Vacushape and Activebelly and got great results! Workout is really intense and effective.”


“I want to be in shape but I hate working out and I finally found the best way for me to get in shape after having a baby. I could see results so fast I am pleasantly surprised.”


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